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Welcome to my online music hut.  Take a look around, set a spell, give me a holler.  My Banjourney has led me to all sorts of interesting people an places, from Ohio and Illinois, West Virginia, Virginia, North and South Carolina, to Mars and back, to The Gambia and Senegal, and home to Gainesville, Florida.  Along the way I have picked a bunch of banjos, a few fiddles, and an akonting or two as well, and some stories to tell.  What about you?

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Suwannee Banjo Camp
THe Suwannee Banjo camp features a faculty of the country's top banjoists for a weekend of instruction, jamming, and concerts at the beautiful Oleno State Park in High Springs, Florida, March 19-21, 2010.
Suwannee Old-Time Weekend: Florida Old-TIme Music Championships
The Suwannee Old-Time Weekend takes place December 4-6, 2009. featuring Mac and Jenny Traynham, and Shay Garriock. Also featuring Florida Masters Gail Gillespie and Dwight Rogers as well as Kay and Tom Van Treese. Chuck Anton, Greg Allen, Lloyd Baldwin and Chuck Levy make up the Florida staff. Bucksnort Barndance Reunion. Instruction, jamming and concerts banjo, fiddle, voice and guiar.
Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum
This site features videos of Sana Ndiaye, Paul Sedgwick, Greg Adams, John Catches, Tony Pizzo and Chuck Levy demonstrating and discussing the ekonting (akonting) , a 3-stringed African banjo ancestor. It also features information about akonting and banjo building workshops occuring on November 14th as well as Chuck Levy in concert starting at 7 pm.
Gold Tone Banjos
Gold Tone endorses Chuck and features the OT-6, the 6 string banjo designed by Chuck and Gold Tone's president, Wayne Rogers. It also features the CEB-5 cello banjo s heard on Banjourneys and the Bob Carlin banjos.
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Chuck Levy's Press Kit
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