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Hello Friends,

Welcome to my online music hut.  Take a look around, set a spell, give me a holler.  My Banjourney has led me to all sorts of interesting people an places, from Ohio and Illinois, West Virginia, Virginia, North and South Carolina, to Mars and back, to The Gambia and Senegal, and home to Gainesville, Florida.  Along the way I have picked a bunch of banjos, a few fiddles, and an akonting or two as well, and some stories to tell.  What about you?

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Hi I am interested in banjo lessons. How much do you charge for a single lesson and how much for a series of lessons? Thanks, Liz

mervyn ely

Hi Chuck, I'm a brit who took up the banjo 6 years ago, and just want to thank you for the tabs you posted on banjo hangout, which are really great. Would like to hear you play live. Do you ever tour Europe? Regards, Mervyn

Cathy Cress

I really enjoyed checking out Banjourneys.The videos are great!!! Great sound quality and excellent playing! Thanks for sharing this.

Gary Belschner

I have a conflict for banjocamp but do you know any old time "jammers" in SE Florida? I have moved from Olympia Washington to Boca Raton and can't find any gentle jammers ... I contacted Wayne at Gold Star but he had no help. If you know folks please send them my e-mail. Thanks so much! Gary

jim atleson

Chuck, can't get your recent "Cumberland Gap" out of my head. Unfortunately, i can't come close with my fingers. If you ever--for some reason---decide to tab it, would you send me a copy? jim

Julie Young

Hello! I'm wondering if it's possible to buy prints of the photos which appeared in the Old Time Herald? They are really terrific. Please let me know. Thanks for the great article, Julie

Pattee Wilbanks

Hey Chuck, I was at Mars Hill in Hilarie's class and some yours. I failed to get the tunings of the tab you graciously gave you think I could find them out? Thanks!! Pattee

Chris Cobb

Mr. Levy I am curious if you teach banjo or know anyone who does in the Gainesville area. I'm an adult beginner and looking for a teacher.

Gerard Loison

Hi, Chuck! Just a small message from France to express my admiration. Thanks to you I've discovered the ekontin and the 5+1 string banjo. I am a piper (occitan bagpipes) and an openback banjoist (kind of a string version of the bagpipe, finally), not really a virtuoso by my music makes me happy. I am considering adquiring an OT-6, your fault :-). I've got the mp3 version of your album banjourney, thanks to i-tune (vive l'internet)! I've loved it ! Cheers, Gerard

Billy Kemp

Hi Chuck, Jeni and I really enjoyed ourselves with you on our last visit. It was a real treat to play with you. I recently became a member of The American Music Center and met another member on line, Sarah Hersh, and I sent her a link to your website. She is a composer. Jeni wanted me to mention that we have not yet looked at the videos but we will hopefully next week when we get back to Nashville. I hope your camp goes well! Regards, Billy

June Caldwell, Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion

Hi Chuck, How are you? What are you doing to get radio airplay for your current release? That's what we do at Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion! Artists, bands and labels hire us to help them get national radio airplay and charting in the U.S. and Canada. I'd be happy to send you some details in an email if you like, just tell me the best email address to send them to. Also, if you send a hard copy of your latest CD over to me at the mailing address below (with attn: June) I will forward you some feedback on the music- but we do need the actual CD as opposed to a link or MP3. Let me know what you think! Musically Yours, June Caldwell


Nicely done Chuck! Now I will have to get one for sure.

Ron Wilburne

Hi Chuck, I really like your clawhammer style playing. I can listen to clawhammer style banjo playing all day and all night and never get enough of it! Also, you have a well laidout website. Keep up the good work and mighty fine playing..... Ron

Tom Druckenmiller

Hello Chuck, I am responding to your offer on folkdj-l for airplay copies of your new CD. I produce and host In The Tradition on WDIY-FM the NPR affiliate in Allentown PA. I am also a clawhammer banjo player and instructor. I'd appreciate an airplay copy of your new CD. Thanks. Tom Druckenmiller 2354 Huckleberry Rd. Allentown, PA 18104

Ken Batista

I received your email on the folk dj listserv, but couldn't find a return email address. I did listen to the clips on your website and would like to work it into my programming. I do the folk show for WYEP in Pittsburgh. My address is 1217 Milton Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15218. Thanks.


Wonderful! Facebook must really work . . . Fred sent me the link.

John Chow

Congrats to your musical accompanishments in additon to your academic achievements.


Chuck, this is amazing!! Now get offline and do the dishes!(jk) Love